About SharaPay

  • What is Sharapay?

  • SharaPay is a bulk payment remittance service to multiple beneficiaries (mobile wallets) from a single mobile money account powered by Trade-Lance Ltd. Beneficiaries mobile wallets are instantly credited after click of a button.
  • Benefits

    • Efficient and easy to use.
    • Bulk payments in a short time.
    • Funds instantly received on mobile wallets.
    • Easy to access funds through Mobile Money Agents.
    • Easy access to reports of funds sent.
  • How to sign up

    • Deliver / Email Know Your Customer (KYC) Information.
    • Sign Contract (Standards of Procedure).
  • Contacts

  • Telephone number;
    Office: +256-392179176
    Helpline: +256772-453560
    Email: info@trade-lance.co.ug